Matrix Account

matrix cover

This matrix account was a project for my graduate class, in WRTG500: Introduction to Graduate Studies in Written Communication, where we were to create a matrix of interests in the field of written communications. The inspiration for this project was to reconsider the “productive tension” between being a generalist and specialist as discussed by Isaiah Berline’s “The Fox and the Hedgehog.” The matrix has strict guidelines as to what criteria each piece of the matrix must contain, but as my research evolved and my interests wondered, it formed into a specific topic-Gaming and Rhetoric. The completed project was well received and opened up many opportunities for further study in game-based pedagogy.

Original Criteria (as per Dr. Derek Mueller):

A completed matrix account will, at a minimum, include the following sixteen sketches:

  • 3 figures. Focus on scholars whose work you can identify as linked to the field of rhetoric and composition/writing studies.
  • 4 keywords. Focus on keywords that have disciplinary cachet. Sketches will provide some definitional orientation.
  • 3 threshold concepts. Sketches will introduce the threshold concept and discuss its significance and/or complicated dimensions of it.
  • 2 journals. Introduces and provides overviews for scholarly journals that you consider interesting, important venues where scholarship that interests you circulates.
  • 2 research methodologies or methods. Overviews of two methodologies or methods that you find well-matched with your research priorities.
  • 1 bibliography/reading plan. A one-page bibliography (APA or MLA) listing at least ten sources you have discovered in the process of developing your matrix account and that you intend to read.
  • 1 emerging curiosity. Now, be a hedgehog. Develop a three-page sketch of some emerging research interest of curiosity. This is not a comprehensive proposal, although it can riff on or respond to questions listed in Phelps’ “Outcomes Questions.”
Cynthia Haynes Ian Bogost Elizabeth Wardle Metanoia
Agency Identity To PreponDecorum Writing Mediates Activity
Writing is Performative Writing is Linked to Identity Kairos College Composition and Communication
Teacher Research Rhetorical Analysis Reading Bibliography Linking Gaming and Writing

(Click on a hyperlinked box for a short description of each research interest)


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