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Christopher Stuart

PhD Student ♦ Rhetorics, Communication, and Information Design

Clemson University

I am a current PhD student at Clemson University in the Rhetorics, Communication, and Information Design (RCID) program.

My current interests are in game based pedagogy (gamification), gaming and rhetoric, and play theory with special emphasis on Minecraft and board games. The beauty of interests are that they are always changing and adapting to new ideas trough research, so these are by no means set in stone.

My masters’ thesis is called: “Tricking for Change: Establishing the Literary Trickster in the Western Tradition.” This thesis proposes a new category for literary analysis called the literary trickster figure. Over the last few centuries, the trickster figure has been reduced from a cultural hero to a dubious character. If we trace the trickster’s western roots back to Hermes, Mercury, and Loki and take global trickster scholarship into consideration, criteria can be established and the role of the literary trickster can be assessed. The literary trickster’s role is to undermine the established order (social and political hierarchies), create disorder and bring awareness to systemic issues in order to bring about change. Once the literary trickster category is established, an analysis of two characters—Petyr Baelish from A Song of Ice and Fire and Pandarus from Troilus and Criseyde—will demonstrate how the literary trickster functions.

To get in touch with me, please email me at or You can also follow me on Twitter at @christuartweets.

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